A Simple Trick To Get More Out Of Your Phone

The iPhone-Android wars will never stop. Apple fans are reluctant to give away their iPhones for the open ecosystem that Android users boast about, causing millions of feuds across the web and in every day life. Bur what if you could have the best of both worlds? The design of an iPhone with the flexibility of the Android OS? This isn’t new breakthroughs, but because we have a specialist in our network, we decided to showcase one of our friend’s on todays post. Enter SmartphoneFix:


Unlocking Phones

Unlocking your phone gives you the ability to use your phone with any service provided, in any part of the world. When you purchase a phone from Apple or a retailer, you are more often than not locked into a certain service provider. In turn, you can only use that phone with that specific service provider, which means that if you ever travel, you will be paying long distance charges, which can cost a fortune.

If you are in Miami Beach, you can unlock your phone with convenience at SmartphoneFix, and travel to South America, all 50 states and the rest of the world without having to pay Verizon or AT&T for every call, text or instagram you send.

The Future of Driving- Tesla Model X

Last week at the Detroit Auto Show, Tesla once again outdid themselves with the introduction of their first SUV- the Model X. If you’re a mom you understand the difficulty, and maybe embarrassing aspect of owning a minivan. For starters, a minivan isn’t sexy, no matter what edition you get. You’re basically driving a big tube. Secondly, taking children out of minivans can be a stressful challenge, especially if you are trying to access the backseat. You need to bend down, squeeze between seats and uncomfortable try to squeeze your kids out. Lastly, for some reason, minivans always look crowded. Luckily, Tesla noticed this and decided to do something about it that has all soccer moms drooling. Ladies and gentlemen, I introduce the Model X

Model X


Falcon Wings

The first thing you notice about the Model X is are the cool, Delorian-like doors. Falcon wings, as Tesla calls them were introduced to let you access the back seats at full height while looking cool. Because the Tesla has 7 seats, getting out of the backseat could be difficult with standard doors, and getting out your secured children can cause strain on your back otherwise. With Falcon wings, you can access any seat with ease without having to bend and slouch.


The Model X is now officially faster than a Prosche 911, as it can go 0-60 miles per hour in 4.4 seconds. Moms rejoice, you can now look cool on the road to soccer practice while zooming by your luxury driving peers.

All Tech Everything

In usual Tesla fashion, the Model X is fully electrical and teched out to the roof if the car including the 21 inch touch screen, responsive dashboard and automatic driving that can switch lanes for you and drive itself on the highway.

The future is here, and you can own it this year!

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